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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I don't see my size / My size is out of stock


A: Give us a call or shoot us an email and we can special order the suit for you.



Q: I ordered an item on backorder.  When Can I expect it?


A: You can expect to see it within 10-15 business days.  Some manufacturers are faster than other so times may vary either way.


Q: Can you do custom apparel?


A: Yes we can, we can customize anything on our site except tech suits.  We also can do T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatpants, Joggers, and Hats.  Contact us to find out more.



Q: I missed my team’s deadline.  What do I do?


A: No problem, go ahead and order your suit and logo (if required).  The only difference is that you will need to pay for shipping.



Q: I ordered within the team’s deadline.  When can I expect my suit?


A: You can expect your suit 3-4 weeks after the deadline to be shipped to your coach or team parent.  We group the orders together and logo all at once.



Q: Our team requires a suit logo; do I need to buy one online?


A: Yes, you need to buy as many logos as you want on your suit(s).



Q: I forgot to use my team discount at checkout, can I get it now?


A: If you contact us within 30 days of when you ordered, we can apply a store credit to your account that you can use in the future.



Q: My coach mentioned something about getting 2 caps with our names on it, do I need to order 2 online?


A: No, caps with a name option come in sets of 2, just go ahead and order 1 and you will receive 2.  If you order 2 you will receive 4.



Q: I don't seem my team in the team pages.  Where is it?


A: Make sure you look thoroughly through the directory, your team might be in Fall Clubs instead of High School.  If you still don't see it, tell your coach to reach out to us, we might not be in contact with your team and we would love to build you a team site and work with you in the future.